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Orton-Gillingham Based Tutoring

Helping students succeed with a multi-sensory, research-based approach

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What do we do?

Our Approach

At Sensation Education 2, we believe that all students can achieve success with a multi-sensory, proven, research-based approach. That is why we utilize the Orton-Gillingham methodology in reading. We believe every child should feel empowered, successful, and challenged to reach their fullest potential. Our method is appropriate for all students, but essential for some. 

Customized One-on-One Educational Services:  Face-to-Face or Virtual


Parents Recommend Us

"Kyle was struggling with reading, sitting still, and focusing during the first grade.  We enrolled Kyle in tutoring and Occupational Therapy with Sensational Education to address these concerns.  With a combination treatment plan, including OT and tutoring, he was able to develop strategies to focus and sit still. The multi sensory approach to reading, writing and spelling allowed Kyle to grow into the strong reader he is now.  The multi sensory and chunking approached used increased his confidence as a reader and reduced anxiety at school, allowing him to focus at school."

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